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Dr. Christine Duquette, PsyD, LMFT

From the seeds of our difficulties, we can grow stronger.

COVID-19 UPDATE: I am currently seeing clients both in-office & tele-health.

A little about me... I am a supportive, compassionate, pragmatic therapist focused on understanding your difficulties, uncovering your strengths and finding what works to make today better and instill hope for tomorrow. I

work with individuals to uncover their strengths and develop skills to live and feel better. Therapy is tailored to you and where you are in the moment. I'll work with you to help uncover what you want from your life and relationships, and then help you work toward that.

I am first and foremost focused on you and I work using an integrative approach to care using strengths you already have and adding new ones to get you to where you want to be. I use methods I have trained and specialize in like EMDR, Somatic ExperiencingCognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT), and more, I apply what I know, paired with what you know about yourself and your difficulties to find ways to improve your life and functioning.

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Our difficulties do not define us. Are you going through a challenging life transition? Are job, family or relationship issues weighing on you? Anxiety or depression overwhelming you? Do you have a deep sense that you are missing out on the life you are supposed to have? Maybe you want something in your life-- a loving relationship, fulfilling work, improved communication, more calm and contentment, but you don't quite know how to make it happen or what might be holding you back. 


We all struggle, but we don't have to struggle alone. Sometimes bravery isn't anything more than showing up and tackling life's challenges. Highs and lows are a normal part of life but if feeling low has become the norm, hope and relief are possible. Prioritize your health, well-being and live the life you deserve.


Counseling can be a way to grow, overcome your current challenges and live and feel better. I am available for a no cost, no obligation phone consultation to listen to what you need and determine how I might assist you. 


Therapy in Southern California treating:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety 

  • Life Transitions

  • Difficult Relationships

  • Transition Through & After Divorce

  • Trauma Support & Resolution

  • Family of Origin Issues & Childhood Trauma

  • Grief & Loss Counseling

  • Work & Career Issues

  • Stress Management

  • Addiction & Recovery

  • Parenting Support


Individual therapy in Orange County can be short-term, focusing on resolving a specific issue, or it can be more ongoing, working on identifying and resolving longer-term patterns that are not serving you.

Couples therapy in Orange County can be useful to address specific issues in your relationship or even help learn and practice skills to navigate partnership in a more fulfilling way.

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